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Welcome to the Writing to Inspire Blog!

I’m so excited that you’re visiting Writing to Inspire. The goal of this blog is to inspire and bless each reader through written word; inspired by God. Each and every person has a God-given gift that should be used to give Him glory. Launching Writing to Inspire is my way of sharing my gifts. Our goal is to encourage and empower others to begin to take a leap of faith, to come out of their comfort zone and begin to live a purposeful life. And when you take that leap, take someone with you.

This blog was birthed from a place of discontentment; a place of frustration. I was tired of being afraid to walk into my purpose for fear of failing or fearing the opinions or judgment of others. For so long I continued to procrastinate, making no type of forward motion toward birthing my purpose. My hope is this blog will inspire others to move from complacency into their destiny.

Over time, you’ll find encouraging messages, testimonials, poetry, music, etc. that will inspire and uplift your spirit. So please be patient with us as we prayerfully build it with content that will be beneficial for all. I feel the excitement building already!

Can you hear the “clarion call?” What is a clarion call? Well, I’m glad you asked. By definition, it is a strong and clear request for people to do something. Answering “the call” is the first step; the forward motion (in faith) is what will bring you closer to fulfilling your God-given assignment.  COME ON, LET’S GET MOVING.

No need to be afraid. If God has called you, then He has equipped you for His plan and His purpose. So COME ON…let’s take this journey together. Are you ready? Let’s take a leap of faith into our God-designed destiny.

Ready, set, let’s GROW!


7 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi Pastor Carol…. Just taking a moment to appreciate your work and congratulate you on this God-Inspired, God-Led journey. Doesn’t matter if I’m first or not, just want to celebrate you, but here’s the code anyway FBW2I. Sending much love, blessings, prayers and encouragement your way!

    1. Hello my sister!!! You are such a blessing. Let me officially congratulate you. You are the first to leave a comment!! Woohoo!! 🙌. I will send you a message shortly. Your gift will be coming soon.

  2. Mrs. Davis, my beautiful, Spirit-led sister….I am soooooo very excited for you and your words WILL inspire the multitude!!! It takes courage and as you said a LEAP of FAITH!!! Thank you for allowing the Lord’s purpose for your life to manifest in you and through you!!!! Everyone reading your blogs will be blessed beyond measure!!!!!

    1. Hello my sister!!! Thank you so much. You have always been an inspiration to me and I appreciate you sooo much. Please help me share. My goal is to get at least 100 subscribers by the end of the year.

    1. Hello Lakisha!!! So good to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by (LOL), and thank you for the encouraging words. It means so much to me. I pray that you and the family are well.

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