A Call to Action

call-to-actionAs I prepared to enter the building, I was feeling disappointed because my dear friend had not arrived. I just knew by hearing the testimonies of other women, how they made it through their trials, it would inspire and encourage her to move forward. Well to my surprise, as I looked up, there she was driving up behind me; God answered my prayer. As I would find out later, not only was the meeting to be a blessing for her, but I would also be a partaker.

As each person shared their testimony, they expressed themselves with such resolve; my heart was warmed by the presence of God, and the transparency and sincerity of each woman. My ears were inclined to every word as they shared their valley and mountain-top moments. Upon my arrival, in my heart I felt like I was at a crossroad, but by the time the event would end, I would be turning the corner.  Can you get excited?

While listening to each story, the one message that resonated in my spirit was “Making your Misery your Ministry.” Those valley moments that you might be experiencing, God our creator can repurpose your misery and turn them into a ministry. It was as though each story heard was a reflection, in some way, of my journey. Little did I know that this message would be the first of many confirmations God would show me that He was listening; He heard my prayers. And second, it was confirming that there was “a work” for me to accomplish, and it would be birthed through the trials and pain that had unfolded in my life.  I heard a clarion call; a Call to Action.

Over the last seven years, I’ve experienced the loss of several special people in my life: my mother, father, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and my pastor of more than 20 years. On top of that, in the midst of all of this pain, my relationship with my son had been strained. As a mother, I can only explain the feeling as “mourning.” Mourning the loss of the close relationship with my son, but in Jesus Name, it continues to get better.

This brings me back to the message that was ministered during the event. Making your Misery your Ministry continued to ring in my spirit. Even before this revelation, one evening while resting, I heard the phrase “Mother Warrior.”

In that moment, I felt that God was dealing with me about the importance of praying for ALL young men, not just my son. Just as women labor to bring forth new life (our children) into this world, we MUST continue to sow time in prayer on behalf of our sons and daughters that have lost their way. We must believe that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST OUR CHILDREN SHALL PROSPER (Isaiah 54:17). We are not only mothers to our natural children, but we have a responsibility to pray for others; to intercede when we observe injustices in the world, in our neighborhoods, or the need for deliverance in our families. We must pray through, until we get a breakthrough. (I Thess. 5:17) (Ephesians 6:18-20).

During my time in prayer, the Lord gave me somewhat of a poetic revelation that describes “Mother Warrior©.”

Oh Mother Warrior…crying out for her children in prayer, “offering lamentation” over their situation…
Oh Mother Warrior…grieve not for your children, for God has their destiny in the palm of His Hands, so STAND…
Shout and praise Him now, don’t worry about the “How” just know that He will…HE SHALL…
Trust in the Lord, place them in His care, let Him have his way.
Oh Mother Warrior…Now let us hear your war cry. Praying with fervency, “they shall live and NOT die…dry those tears and fears.
So I say, “Yes, Lord I’ll do it.” I’ll pray through it. I’ll pray through the hurt, through the pain, through the shame.

Do you see where I’m going…

After reading one of my favorite blogs, I came across a book entitled, “The Art of Work” by author Jeff Goins. Throughout the book, my attention was directed to themes that coincided with the message from the event: Tragedy to Triumph; Diversion to Destiny; Setback to Set up; and Difficulties to Opportunities (See how God works!). I truly believe that God will use your gifts or interests (i.e., reading, music, etc.) to get your attention. When God is speaking, we must learn how to be quiet and listen to His voice. Yes, Lord, I hear you speaking.

One excerpt from the book stated…but in your heart you will know it’s right. How? There will be confirmation. I truly believe that God has given me the confirmation that it’s time to “pivot.” In his book, Jeff Goins talks about pivot points in our lives.

Here’s an excerpt:
He states, “In basketball, you are only allowed to take two steps once you stop dribbling the ball. When you take that last step, the foot you land on becomes what’s called a “pivot foot.” That foot must remain fixed, but the other foot can freely move about, allowing you to easily spin around and find a teammate to whom you can pass the ball. Although confined to where you are and how many steps you can take, at no point are you locked into any direction. That’s the beauty of the move. Even when all other opportunities are exhausted, you can always pivot. A pivot is powerful because it takes away all of your excuses. It puts you back in control. Pivoting isn’t plan B; it’s part of the process. Unexpected things will happen; setbacks do occur. Whether or not you’re prepared to pivot will affect how well you weather those storms and find a way to survive. Tough times will come, and what determines a person’s success during such trying times is the ability to “pivot.” At these times, we are inclined to give up, but these are the moments that require our most intentional action.”

What will you do with the pain or the challenges that you’ve endured? Will you let it consume you or will you pivot; will you answer the call? I truly believe that God has given me the confirmation that it’s time to “pivot.” Yes, it’s time to repurpose this pain—taking misery and turn it into ministry. It’s time to make a move forward and take intentional action.

I believe that by sharing this snippet of my journey, someone, somewhere will be encouraged and will be reminded that they are not alone. But understand this, through all of our valley and mountain-top moments, God is the reason why we are still standing to tell the story. There’s a purpose in the pain. It’s time to take action! It’s time to tell YOUR story!  Let this be the beginning of a new and exciting journey.