What Do You Hear?

I believe that God will use the very gifts that He has given to you (to give Him Glory first and foremost), but to minister to YOU as well. For example, God has gifted me in singing, so when I give Him praise through song (in spirit and in truth) He responds and that song will begin to minister to me. Melodies will just begin to pour from heart, to my mouth and back to God. He has given me a desire to journal; He inspires me through His Word, or through a message that my pastor preached, etc., and I write out what I hear.  He encourages and strengthens me through my writing.  You get my point.

There are times when I have so much on the inside that I must sit down in a quiet space, pray and begin to write out what I hear (God-inspired).  If not, I feel like a pregnant woman ready to give birth, and unable to push. That is a miserable feeling (Sisters, do you feel me?). That’s the best description that I can give.

Over the last few days, God has been downloading poems, words of encouragement…etc., into my spirit and I thought I’d share.  I pray that it will encourage and inspire you as well.

What is God speaking to you today?  While in your private prayer time with Him, are you allowing Him to speak to you? Or are you doing all of the talking?

I challenge you today to be still; be quiet in God’s presence so you can hear His voice.  Allow Him to respond. HE IS SPEAKING.

So, with that said, this is what I heard (Part 1):

Seeing the finish line; Obtaining the prize

Pressing past the opinion of others, pressing past my shame, pressing past the blame

Hearing the voice of God

Saying, I can do All things through Christ who strengthens me

Shouting my war cry

Fighting with one hand, working with the other

Breaking the stitches from society

Healing from the wounds from my past hurts

Advancing on the enemy, who’s trying to hold me bound to society, bound to their perceptions

Breaking free, breaking free, I’m free!