As I sit here, watching the candle flicker, drinking a tasty cup of coffee, reading an inspiring book (other than thinking that I couldn’t remember the last time I had any alone time), I was thinking about my atmosphere and how warm and inviting it was.  Everything around me provoked creativity.  From the natural wooden floors, up the walls to the beautiful stained-glass art, from the naturalista at the front door to the bench-like tables and chairs; I could feel the creative juices starting to flow.  I was truly in a quiet space, just listening and wanting God to download something beautiful in my ear; a song or a poem.

It’s interesting how just changing your atmosphere can rejuvenate your spirit, revive gifts; revive you, or catapult your creativity to another level.  (Side note: that could also mean changing your fellowship). Are there people in your life that are stifling your growth?  Ok, that’s another message (LOL).  Moving on…

So can you imagine the revelation, the creativity, the transformation that could manifest if we were consistent in giving God our attention daily in our everyday tasks, taking time to get into a quiet place and have communion with Him? Selah.

Author: Carol Davis

Welcome to the Writing to Inspire Blog!

My name is Carol Davis, Founder of Writing to Inspire, and guest blogger for the Embrace The Crown family. I’m not only the founder of Writing to Inspire, but the proud Mom of Garrick and Chloe, and devoted wife of Jimmie.

Writing to Inspire was created to uplift and encourage each reader through written word; inspired by God. My hope is that each post you read will inspire you to move from complacency into your destiny.

And now I have been blessed with the opportunity to join the Embrace the Crown family (www.embracethecrown.com) strong, inspiring sisters who work together to impact, to empower, to help lift up and encourage our community of readers.

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